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The womb is the universal place of human becoming and simultaneously the universal place of encounter with an other: in this case mother. Every human being would never know existence if they firstly did not know their own frailty and another’s strength to care for that frailty.

Such an ontological reality occurs within the immersive environment of water or the amniotic fluid. This project uses the projection software Isadora to recreate a water-immersive environment based on a background of videos showing water’s surface from a submerged perspective. Against such a background two dancers will dance highlighting the humanness of both frailty and strength. The score employs water sounds that will interact with the projected media in real time.

Not only music and dance but also visual art is merged through technology in order to bring forth a sense of place only accessible to the audience through the merging of these mediums. 

Choreographer and projection creation: Davis Stumberg

*note: due to complications during the performance, video quality was unusable. Therefore, the video below showcases a rehearsal of Unspeakable Fragility with the live performance audio superimposed over the video.

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